The Post Building

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This is the journal of a project to create architecture out of infrastructure. The Royal Mail's West Central District Office, built in the 1960s to serve London's WC postcode, was a Midtown monolith, a machine for sorting letters with its own stop on the underground mail railway. Later the vacant, factory-like volumes became the scene of fashion shoots and raves. Now, the new-out-of-old Post Building has become a characterful theatre for city life.

This book traces its design story with historic and contemporary references, showing how the remarkable volumes were repurposed and the retained frame given a super-scaled industrial wrapping - and then presents the finished product in a series of photographic shoots in and out of lockdown.

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
ISBN 978-1-9161204-2-6
Design: Cartlidge Levene
Softback, 204pp, 160 x 210mm

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